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Senses Fail Confessions

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This blog is where all fans of Senses Fail can submit any confession/secrets about the band and its members (past or present). All posts will be anonymous.

Only posts submitted to this page will say "Senses Fail Confessions" in the corner. If I reblog a SF related confession/post from another blog, I will NOT watermark it.

I'll accept pretty much anything, but I won't post something if it's blatantly meant to be offensive toward the band.

I am not affiliated with Senses Fail in any way.

You can submit through the ask box, submission box, or at

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Anonymous Asked: "i always see people spell Buddy's last name wrong. its Neilsen. not Neilson."


You just mixed up the I and E, it’s Nielsen. :)
I guess Nielson is a more common spelling, so people go straight for that, maybe?

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Submissions, anyone?

If you want to submit something, send it to me through either the ask or submit forms. I will put the text on a picture for you. :)

Your confessions will always be anonymous. 

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sleepyknees-bonyeyes-deactivate Asked: "Do you know where I can find the video of Buddy's on stage speech about being gay is beautiful and it's okay? I can't find it anywhere."


Not off the top of my head, but I’ll search around for it and see what I can dig up.

If anyone can point him in the right direction, please submit the link to the video :)

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Happy New Year, everyone!

I hope 2011 is ending on a good note for all of you and I wish everyone the best for 2012!

Sorry the blog has been so inactive for such a long time, but this blog depends on submissions. I can’t post if you don’t submit. ;)

If there is anything Senses Fail related that you’d like to see on this blog other than confessions, let me know and I’ll see what I can do! 

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